In the second entry focused in that wonderful brand, i bring you today the second unboxing of the figures that Wargames Exclusives sent us. If you want to see the last week’s entry you could see it here: Wargames Exclusive unboxing 1

In that occasion we are going to see anoder of the races that they have in their cathalogue, as they called them, it is a Necrocyborg, the reference Necrocyborg Grim Reaper, it is again compatible with a wellknown game.


Name: Necrocyborg Grim Reaper

Size: 28mm

Material: Resin

Price: 14,99€

Number of parts: 4

The figure in the blister where we can see the model well protected

All the figure’s components

Main body, with a good size, it is stablished as a 28mm but it is huge.

The amazing scythe. You have to be so careful when removing the material entries.

Claw, with some visible resin wastes.

Base with som crystal like structures.

We are again in front of another so good figure, that as a curiosity, the unions of the parts are balls, this helps you in order to a minium personalitzation in the atatchments. Almost no mold lines, the only thing we could se are bits of “flash”. As i ever say, you have to be so careful with the material entries because if we force them they could brake so bad, and affect to the part, or even breaking it. The detail is so crisp and sharp, havint nothing to envy to other bestknown brands.

In that second figure, Wargame Exclusive don’t dissapoints us, with a great model that fit perfectly in our game table or enjoying when painting it.