The other day we brought you the representation of the supreme chaos in figure shape for the Wargame Exclusive unboxing, today we bring you the totally oposed, the supreme god with her angel wings and her saint look in the darkest hour, it is the Sister Saint Celestia model. Again a proxie for a battle sisters army.


Name: Sister Saint Celestia

Size: 28mm (huge)

Material: Resin

Price: 19,99€

Number of parts: 13

The normal blister of the brand, but some more bigger.

Kit composition.

So decorated based with wonderful details, to be destacated the roses on it.

Figure body.


Left arm.

Right arm with sword.

Back pack.

Dove and iron halo that tube is only to protect the delicate piece, but it could serve as complement or for the spare box, as the stick of the matrix.


Left Wing.

Right Wing.

Papyrus 1

Papyrus 2

We are in front of a small wonder, done with an exquisite taste, equal or even better that the oficial versions of that figure. The attatchments are awesome, as happens with the chaos herald the parts atatch without glue in their place. No one bubble, few mould lines easy deletable and only some flash. It has so many parts for the size of it, but totally necessary to get that wonderful finish.

To end, a piece that i am so happy to have in my collection and, when i have some time i will do an step by step for the blog. You can’t let go this model, in its regular, pi un version or acompanied with two more battle sister.