Sometime ago we contacted to the Wargame Exclusive brand, they sended several figures to do reviews and work on them. That brond does “proxies” for a wellknown sci-fi wargame. Today we begin with the unboxing of one of the references, the Greater Good Resting Sniper.


Name: Greater Good Resting Sniper

Size: 28mm

Material: Resin

Prize: 12,99€

Number of components: 6

From a while the figures come in a blister, before that presentation they send the figures in ziplock bags, that improvement asures any break in the shipping.

Here we could see the pieces which compounds the figure.

Figure’s body.




Left leg

Right leg

The figure is very well casted, the resin is fragil but hard. There is almost any mould line, but we could see bits of “flash” (that small tissue we se in where the mould line could beesa telilla) in some parts, it is easy to delete with a tool or with the nail. We have to had so much care with the resin entries, if they break worng could appear some mistakes, as ever, carefulness and a sharp modelling knife is easy to fix. The worst was on the figure’s bottom, with a bubble and a moyld line, after the first impression, we analyze and see that this partis totally covered when the figure is atatched to the base. The atatchments are very good, needing one to atatch the figure to the base and the union on the arms is a bit difficuls, that last easy to fix giving some temperature with hot watter or a hair dryer and bending the tiny arms.

To finish, a so good figure, that peronally, i’m totally in love when i saw it. The brand is so interesting, its cathalogue has grow so much in a few time, with figures for all tastes.

Soon we will bring you more unboxings of that brand and more.