And we arrived to the last week in we are going to review a model of Wargame Exclusive brand, the figure is Greater God Marauder. You could see all reviewed figures here:  Greater Good Resting SniperNecrocyborg Grim Reaper y Mechanic Adept Sealed Eradicator Sergeant with Gravi-Cannon.


Name: Greater God Marauder

Size: 28mm

Material: Resin

Price: 12,99€

Number of parts: 4

As ever, the blister protecting the figure.

All the parts of the kit.



Arm with steal reliquary.

Well decorated base.

Again we are in front of a so nice figure, well sculpted and in a perfect casting, impossible to find any bubble. The figure once it is mounted is perfect to be displayed on the battle. As i ever say, have so much carefulness when romoving the material entries that is the only thing could give some difficulties. That figure has not any “flash”, that soft residue we could find sometimes.