Another week and another monday dedicated in reviewing a Wargame Exclusive miniature, in that chance we will do the unboxing of Mechanic Adept Sealed Eradicator Sergeant with Gravi-Cannon. You could see the analized figure here:  Greater Good Resting Sniper y Necrocyborg Grim Reaper.


Name: Mechanic Adept Sealed Eradicator Sergeant with Gravi-Cannon

Size: 28mm

Material: Resin

Price: 14,99€

Number of parts: 6

The blister which is seen in the other unboxings, having inside the figure well protected.

Components of the model

Here you could see the figure’s body.

Bionic left leg

Small sprue with three components. We see: hand, hand with gun and mechanical part.

Ans as is traditional in that brand, the decorated base.

Another good figure, this is the one i like less, maybe the sculpture of the clothe is a bit strange in its folds. But if not was for that a so good model that that has metalic components on a lady skin, a thing so seen in ilustration, as we have seen in the Juan Gimenez, Oscar Chichoni and H.R. Giger entries. A nice model to add to any adeptus mechanicum or adepta sororitas army. The casting is good, with almost any mould line but some “flash”.

To end, Wargame Exclusive never disapoints, that figure is not my favourite personally, but is a good figure to add to our army.