In 1969, Warren put for sale his third magazine Vampirella, which names one of the worldwide iconical comic characters. After several designing troubles, Frazetta did, disliked, the first female vampire with swimsuit (he has painted her nude first). That cover becomed a legend, it was auctioned for 77000 dollars.

Frazetta’s original nude Vampirella (any good resolution could be found).

Classical Vampirella image by Frazetta, now with swimsuit, the causative of the master’s anger.

Some years after, Kevin Eastman, one of the most famous turtles in history creator and, after that, originator of the Heavy Metal Magazine, decided to transform his wife Julie Strain in another icon, called Fakk2. Naturally he dresed her with a red swimsuit too. That character was drawed by pencils of two masters as Bysley or Juan Jiménez.

The beautiful Julie Strain.

Fakk2 drawed by Simon Bysley.

The Juan Jimenez’s illustration.

Vampirella gave us the chance to met the art of another giant, the great Pepe González, who created which could be, the most well known version of the character and also the most hanged poster of the sevinties, inspired curiously by the pose of a flamenco dancer.

The great Pepe Gonzalez’s illustration.

Vampirella, in a so original plot turn, was not an undeath, she has extraterrestrial origins. She came from a planet called Draculon where, logically, the blood flow from the sources and eats a serum that substitutes her blood lust. But, sadly, no one seems to remember that great plot. Vampirella is iconical, a mith that produces fascination to drawers, sculptors and any disciplines artists.

Could it be that, when your fathers are Frazetta and Pepe González, nothing else is important, after all that, who do not recognize that elements in the plots of Blade or Underworld.

 Vampirella by Frazetta

Vampirella by Pepe Gonzalez

The last occasion that Vampirella catched my atention was, as could not be in another way, when one of the illustration masters, put his brushes on her, the great Joe Jusko. After drawing her so many times, he decided to do two comic volumes about her, without leaving his style as illustrator. Vampirella Blood Lust is a true and recommendable wonder, lot of consecutive pages full of talented ilustrations.

Cover from a Joe Jusko’s comic volume.

Alexis Calvo.