After several changes in my life (including a house move), the moment to retake the brushes came. At last! I thought, but then came the dilemma… I had several figures in progress (one was this) and i wanted to began something new. That last is what i prefered but i decided to finish that bust from Black Crow Miniatures.

A wonderful model sculpted in digital 3D by Raul Garcia Latorre on a Guillermo Gonzalez design. I fell in love with the bust since it was launched, then, a friend and myself bought a couple of copies. I began it inmediately but must stop it due my life changes i mentioned. I finished the face before and it was the cover of our N.A.W. Magazine number 0. The rest was finished in some long work days to have it ready for AMT Torrent, finally i managed to finish it one week before the contest. I show you the final pics of the bust:

This figure was awarded with a gold medal on master fantasy painting category.

That figure will be the main step by step of our N.A.W Magazine number 1, in which i will explain how i painted this figure, the non metallic metal and the face painting process which is trully not done as i used to do.

Until now, i let you this 360º turnaround video of the figure.

Hope you like it!

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”