Several monts ago, Alexandre Cortina from Alexandros Models gave me that bust to do several photos of the model mounted and primmed, to help him in the promotion before it was available. I promised that when i had the webpage ready, there will be a detailled unboxing. That day has arrived and here i bring it to you:


Reference: AG/81

Size: 1/10

Pieces: 6

Material: Resina

Sculptor: Carles Vaquero

Original box art : Alexandre Cortina

Price: 52€

This is the tipical Alexandros’s bust box with Issus mossaic in it, printed in pale blue. The brand contact data is in one of the sides. In that occasion there is no box art as it was a pre-release with one of the very first copies.

Once we open the box, we find a zip bag in which are allowed all the bust components and a kind of wood shavings to protect the bust.

Here i let the whole bag content and a little card of the cast maker.

The head is wonderfully sculpted with an awesome work in the hair and beard.

The crown has an insane detail, the only thing you have to handle with care are the small decoration balls, because they are really fragile an easy breakable (i broke a couple), but they are easy to redo with a bit of putty or small beads.

The body is the biggest part and also has so many decorations.

The handle of the knive, again, very decorated. This part has to be handled with lot of care while you delete all the resin blocks because there are fragile parts.

That is the fragilest part, the Ahura Mazda pendant. The resin is so thin and so easy to break any detail, mine did not break while it was prepared, because the resin, all we know, it is delicate, but  not easy brittle.

The last pice of this kit is the plinth decoration.

Once we have seen the kit, component to component, I could say that this is a good quality bust, the resin has no fails and almost any bouble (i’ve only found a couple but, while primming, they desappeared). It has little mould lines and are easyly removed with an xacto blade. That sculpture is half traditional, half digital, the unions are simply perfect attatching to the milimetric perfection, needing no filler. To end this review, a great bust of an almost untouched topic that will be enjoyable by any old ages figure enthusiast.

I let you some picture of the bust mounted and primmed:

And a video too:

For last but not least, do not forget to visit Alexandros Models webpage.