Last week we saw the paint and award won by our member Joan Carles Ros “Rosman” with Knight Model’s Wonder Woman miniature. Today we bring you theunboxing.

Before all, i bought the figure on the official web page, they advice you that it will arrive tou your home in 15th days. In my own case it was on my table in only 4 days, it came with a plastic batman sign in clear plastic for free.

Lets go for the unboxing:

The blister where comes the mini well protected with foam.

The box art is at the same time, the card with all characteristics and abilityes of the miniature in the gameE.

Plastic base.

All the components in the kit made of metal.

Horse’s head.

Torso, arm and sword of Wonder Woman.

Small sprue with the head and the arm which takes the reins.

Detail of the face, that, being made of metal and so small, is so nice and with a good resemble with Gal Gadot.



Horse’s left half.

Horse’s right half.

We are in front of a so nice sculpture, representing very well the film character and, with the horse’s size, made it spectacular. The sculpting i supose that is done in camputer 3D, but there are any bad sculpted nor any “gummy” zone, the detail is so good and the actress resemblance is so good, havind in mind the small size.

The bad thing is that there are so visible mould lines, porous areas, and metal wastes, that makes that the preparation phase is hard and long.

But the attatchments are good and easy, the only we have to refill with putty are the two halves of the horse, a thing that ever happens with horse models when they are splited and cut in this way.

To end, we are in front of a so nice model that, with its difficulties, has made to get interest in this brand. Some rumours say that they are changing their production into resin for the casting, we hope to see an improvement with that change and made the Harry Potter line a produvct that sells so well.