In that week dedicated to Wargame Exclusive we bring you the unboxing of one of our last news, it is the Chaos Master of Crusade figure, again a proxy of one of the best known games versioning a very well known character.


Name: Chaos Master of crusade

Size: 28mm (huge)

Material: Resin

Price: 29,99€

Number of parts: 12

The blister we find for every figure of that brand

General see of all the pieces which composes the whole kit.

Main body of the figure

So decorated base

Arm with sword


Big decoration to be displayed on the armour

Small decoration to be displayed on the armour

Arm with claws and gun


Shoulder pad 1

Shoulder pad 2

Thumb claw

Pony tail

We are in front of the most brutal figure edited by this ukranian brand. The presence of the miniature made it really astonishing. Almost any mpould line, no one bubble, some flash here and there and material entries, but nothing that hards the preparation fase. A thing to mention are the atatchmen ts, they are so precise that you could do a dry fitting only by pressuring the diferent parts of the figure, that, for sure, could not be used for the final assembly.

To end, a asured buy for any chaos lover that will be enjoyed by the paintbrush of any one and a piece to create a chaos army around it.