We have been sometine a bit more silent than usually, without doing entries for the blog as we are use to do. But we haven’t been quiet, we have been working doing box arts for several brands, doing new contacts and, of course, working in our main purpose as is N. A. W. Magazine. And then, with hard work, dedication and so much passion, we have finally made our new creature. Tomorrow you will have it in the shop as individual and in packs if you have lost any of our past issues.

We are so happy with this number, not only for the normal proud, love, and ilusion we have put in it, the most important thing is the option to meet new and wonderful people, colaborators and artists from the highest level that, above this, are so nice people.

Another nice thing is to discover that humans are doing art for thousands of years and there are people who could reinvet it, new techniques, aproximations and the enourmous posibilities that bring the new technologies to the sculpture and ilustration.

Tomorrow available!