Nowadays the figure piratery (or recast) has being a shame and a threat to our small modelling world, no one is safe to find one, as a buyer or being victim as a brand. How many of you have not discovered that the model you have bought in internet is a recast when it seemed to be teorically legit? Or maybe, you have seen recaster cathalogues full of the figures that, with a great efford, are comercialitzated the original brands?

Why i’m telling that now? Even that is a sad reality we are living, a shame and something that is putting in danger the small business of the exposition figure, modelling, miniaturism… or whenever you want to call it, we have been victims of that, let me explain:

As some of you may know, we have tried to launch a magazine in the past, it was failed because the ineficience of the founder member. He put us in contact to the E2046 brand, who send us the “Berserk” figures to don an unboxing, promotion etc… All seem legit: the great packaging and casting quality, a good web page without any strange vinculation to Aliexpres or any other suspicious portal, the Facebook page was totally normal and searching on google you only find their kits, reviews, etc, the normal things you find about any figures brand. Even they had their own international painting contest with their models! Then we accepted to do the unboxing and promotion, putting several banners in the magazine and the web.

Wich has been my surpise when the Planet Figure user Tommy Brown first and, Jason Martin from the friend page Figurementors after, told me that this brand is a recaster, you could imagine which was my astonishment in the late saturday night when i discover that…

In that occasion the original figure is from the japanese brand Gecco, reference:

What we will do from here to that:

-For sure breake any relationship with the recaster brand and delete any banner and reference to them (Sadly we could not change the magazine).

-Send a mail to the legit brand Gecco, doing promotion of them from now in our portal

-For sure we wanted to apologize to all of you because our intention never was to support a pirate brand, the situation being provocated by our unknowing of the asian figures market and the brand status, from now we will be so carefull with who we promote or begin a comercial relationship.

As the user Mike-The Kiwi said in Planet Figures, Scum don’t always wear dark clothes!

Regards from here, thanks for you understanding and apologizes for the bad understandigs or inconvenience caused.

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman” y Alexis Calvo Cortes