Today morning i have awoken encouraged to write about this calm giant, mr Richard Corben. I was 12 when i saw for the first time something of Corben, a friend showed me the comics he had and in the middle of a lot other “vertice” volumes, most about Conan the Barbarian, and there it was: a cover drawed in 1984 by someone called Corben. In it an unhairy apelike guy was carring the whole weight of a curvy woman. Also of its originality what catches my atetion as an ilustrator newbie was without any doubt the volume, the light aplication almost photographic and the muscles which seems to get out the drawing.
Several years from then I got a Den volume, the Corben’s tour de force, where every frame is an human expresion’s study, curiously it was in german, but the sensations the characters transmitted with them bodies and faces made unnecessary the text, from that point i tried to get all Corben’s material, edited by Toutain Editor, in that time they were publishing Rip  in Time.
Now, with the prespective of thousands illustrations seen, i understand how important is to develope an own style, Corben could draw anything, and nobody will hesitate that it is done by him, it could be a superhero or a ninja turtle. His haters (only a few) say that he only does deformed and monstruous creatures, his lovers (a lot) say that his anatomy control is outstanding, what they do not understand is that this has no importance at all when you have born to tell visually, what is really important is his ability to show emotions with the only use of the shape and movement. His mastered aptitude to transform a punch in three frames to hurt even the viewer, with the use of movement and action… is when a minor proportion fail has no importance at all.
Other things that caught my eye are: his innate easynes to give the pages his right tone and his unique use of colour, as a surrealistic Parrish; the plausible of his xenomorphs or monsters, which are autenthical and primigenial, the scales or fur and all his details which brings you to far ages, his faces reflects a primary inteligence between the instinct and survival and, for last, his ability to move his carachters, with his own use of the anatomy stablished by him.
And, if all that i’ve exposed about his great drawing and illustrative habilities is not enough, he is a talented sculptor, where he gives his style and knowledge on the sculpting putty.
To finish, if you don’t know Richard Corben search for him, because you have lost 50 years of art creations.
Alexis Calvo