Today in the article series focused in how to catch our miniatures in photography, we are going to make a change and let apart the camera and all the things needed, to look for the image edition programes. You could see the past entries dedicated to that topic: Taking photos to miniatures part 1, where i show you the different and best known camera typologies of nowadays; Taking photos to miniatures part 2, where i explain how to configurate all the options to get the best pics posible; Taking photos to miniatures part 3, where y analize whole photographic material we could need; and Taking photos to miniatures part 4, where you could see so many options to compose your scene or photographic set.

First of all i’m going to talk briefly about three programes that are which i have used the most, all them are for computers. There are a lot more options, even i listened about programes for mobile devices that get so good results, but, i don’t know them, and i use my computer ever for that purpose, for all that i prefere to not mention that now. But i will do a small investigation and i may present you a new entry about that in a near future.

Photoshop: Who has not listened about the king of the image retouching programe? that is a programe that will allow us any proposal we wanted for our photographies or images. It has so many ampliations that will easy and/or help to get the right solution for our problems or needs. The only requirement is that we have to pay for it or for a subscription. More info in:

Gimp: A so useful version of freeware that is so similar to Photoshio, it allows us so many options and features. Truly, with that programe we will not need so much the wellknown Photoshop, maybe if we will dedicate to work with images professionally… and maybe, even with that premise, all has to be seen… More info in:

Fast Stone Image Viewer: Another freeware programe (for personal use) that will allow us handle our pictures, even, which are in Raw format, it means, de digital negative. That has become my prefered option in retoching photos, due you could retouch the digital negative, getting even better results. It has an easy interface and learning the shortcuts will easy to have our images ready in seconds, and from here to our webpage, facebook or any other digital media. More info in:

As i said before, there are so many other programes, both free or pay for use, but that are which i’ve used and gave me good results. The next week we will see the parameters we have to touch to see the figure the most similar as wee see “in flesh”.