In that third entry focused on photography i will speak about several gadgets that we will need to improve even more while we take photos. You could see here the other two entries: Taking photos to miniatures part 1, where i show you the different and best known camera typologies of nowadays; and Taking photos to miniatures part 2, where i explain how to configurate all the options to get the best pics posible.

Tripod: There are a wide range of tripods available in the market, from the professional to the pocket ones, we have to chose one which is steady. With some we have the risk that could move or even the fall of the camera, and the problem goes even further if we have a reflex camera because they are huge and heavy. Then all the small, poket very compact… are not an option. We are not searching for a professional one (it will be the best option) because we only want to take decent pictures but we will not over use it. There are several enough good options that do not harm our pockets, this is which i have: Trípode – Hama Star 61. It has many articulations, extensible legs, level seizers… and a cover too. It costs between 21-35€ depending on the shop and the offer of the moment.

External shutter: We may listen or even used the camera’sprogramable shutter, then we are not afecting or creating a tremble when taking a photo while pressing the normal shutter, then, for that are the external shutters. They allow you to take pictures from distance and avoiding that we have to touch the camera. That shutters could be remote or with wire, depending in our preferences or the camaera capabilities. They allow you to take big time exposition pictures, in which the camera catches the light of the scene for a long time. With that technique you could get awesome images in which could be seen the movement of the stars in a period of time. We could programe this option for letting to us the fact of when start and stop the catching light period while we are not touching the camera at all avoiding problems. You could see what i am speaking about in that example:

SD cards and bateries: That two things usually come when you buy your camera but is something good to have some for replacement for technique problems or even emergencies.

Camera lens: With which comes into the most of the basic packages is enough but you maybe want to experimentate a bit getting diferent and personalitzated pictures. I had a macro one for taking close ups of my figures.

Cases: We find for sell cases more or less complex with which we could carry or storage properly our camera avoiding dirt and some eventual blows when we are not using it.