I’ve thought that it could be interesting to do a small serial of articles about the cameras and photography techniques, nothing difficult, only something to get beter results when we want to improve in taking photos to our figures and showing them properly. There is a moment that anyone  of us wanted to show its creation, it could be for ask for help, show our last creation, fullfil the social media with figures done by us… But when we do a photo  and take a picture… Surprise! That did not seem what we have in front of us… And not it is not because we idealitzated our own work and the camera show us the truth.

Nowadays we have tree good options with their good and bad things:

Smartphones and tables: Today, a wide range of phones from a medium quality have cameras with enough cuality and allows a great personalitzation and adjustments. They could film small videos with a good quality even in 1080p HD. There have been sold a wide range of complements, opticals and objectives to increase the quality of our pictures, all supported with a wide range of programs and software.

Compact Cameras: Another good option, and with the quality increase of optical, sensors and circuits, it is an option to look for, because this allows us to have a great quality in a small format device, all that will made that we could transport our camera easily also having a good gadget. This is the most lowcost option but not the worst.

Reflex camera: Without any doubt the best option for this proposal, even, there have been so many competitors with the mentioned smartphones, tablets and compact cameras. The image quality that offers a correct or, obviously, a good reflex model has no equal. Having one odf this machines needs some learning time until you have it configured and you know how to modve into the menu options, but assures us almost perfect pictures, only depending of how good is the configuration we have. The good thing this camera option has is the wide range of complements and objectives they have, what will allow us the most appropiate hardware for us and our needs. Brans as Canon and Nikon are the best known, havint lot of models, qualities and a great amount of complements. But there are other brands, as could be Sony, Olimpus… Without any doubt, if you could afford for one that are not expensive nowadays, don’t hesitate to get one.

Here you have the bried analisys of the most adequated cameras to photography our figures. In next entries we are gonna show how to configurate our camera, the lightning, editing the image… All explained as easy as possible to be understood by anyone, our intention is not do do so difficult and technical articles, we wanted that all of you could improve and control better the media you have.

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”