Here you have the second part of the step by step about the figure from Wargame Exclusives cathalogue, the Greater God Resting Sniper. In that occasion i’m going to explain how i painted the golden parts of the base. You could se the unboxing here: Wargame Exclusives unboxing 1: and the first part of the sbs in the next link: Step by step Wargames Exclusives part 1.

In that second article i will paint the golden parts that i’ve painted of the armour plates ant the dron which are on the floor. For paint them i’m going to use Scale Colours, Golden Acrilics and Life colors paints.

I begin doing a ix in a same proportion of Peanut Butter from Scale Colours Game and Dubai Brown from the standard range, i give a well covering base and next a glace with diluted black to endark the tone.

With the base colour i repaint and stablish the light zanes letting some dark areas in where the shadows will be.

I do a light mixing the base tone with a mix of  Peanut Butter and Tenere Yellow from Scale range too.

From here i only add Tenere Yellow to the mix until i use it pure.

From here, i introduce Golden Acrylics Titanium White and i continue to outline the same zones, painting smaller areas with every light increase, i plan the shines, until, with pure white i do the last outlines and light spots. As i did in the silver, i add a tone on the medium shadow zones with Ardennes Green and some scratches with a light tone, but not the maximum one.

That process is so similar to which we already saw on the silver. The colours used are only orientative, there could be used others from several brands and you will get similar results, you could see this in the scale mall painted on the Carnevale´s figure.

The next week i will show you how i finished the base.