Here i bring to you the last part of the step by step of the figure Greater God Resting Sniper from Wargame Exclusives brand. As i did with the photography articles i will put the summary of the whole entries at the end.

In that entry i’m going to paint the parts of the alien that were unpainted. For that i used, again, paints from Scale Colors, old Citadel, Golden Acrylics and Life Colors.


I begin with a well covering layer of antracite grey from Scale.

I do a general light on the upper zones with nacar and paint the lower parts lock by lock.

I mix in same proportions Nacar and white and i give lights to the upper hairs reinforcing the sculpture. The decorations that she has on the hair are painted with Gobiu Brown for the wood and a light with nacar. The two balls are painted with Blood red and then i add again Nacar for the maximum highlights wich are aplied as spots of light.

Nails and clothes:

I paint the nails (for the momes the ones which are on the foot and the little ones she has on the sides, the process will be repeated on the hands) for that i add Nacar to the black until i get the shines with that pure colour. For the trousers i use Indian Shadow.

Now i mix a speck of mediterranean blue on the black and to a glaze to define wrinkles and receases.

I retake the base colour on the surface and highlight them adding Nacar.


The stripes are painted with Chocolate Brown first, i do the lights directly with Orange Brown. To last them i do the outlines with a mix of Orange Brown and Nacar.

Finally i could atatch the last part that left, it is a bit difficult due it has to touck both inserts, one on the hand and the other on the arm, and the floor too. For that i have to heat a bit the arm and bend it carefully. To end, with liquid putty from Games Workshop i hide the unions and any imperfection.

I finish the figure paining again the zones with the same colours used in the parts before, gold for  the weapon and bracelets; silver for the detail on the feet, the buckles on the belt and weapon; Black for nails and gloves (on that last i do not get pure Nacar), red gems on weapon; and the same colour of trousers o the sleeve. With all that the figure is finished.

On next week i will show you the final pictures of the figure from all the views.

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