Another monday which we continue with the step by step of the great figure Greater God Resting Sniper from Wargame Exclusives brand. You could se the unboxing here: Wargame Exclusives unboxing 1: the first part of the sbs in the next link: Step by step Wargames Exclusives part 1, the second on: Step by step Wargames Exclusives part 2 and the third on: Step by step Wargames Exclusives part 3.

In that entry i will paint the alien’s skin. For that i used, again, paints from Scale Colors, old Citadel, Golden Acrylics and Life Colors.

Here is how it finished in the last blog entry, primmed in plack and attatched to its place.

To the whole sking i gave a base coat composed by a mix of the same proportions of Ultramarine Blue from Citadel and Mediterranean Blue. After that i do some shadows with a mix of Flat Black from Life Color and a speck of Indian Shadow. Here i draw carefully, only searching a bit of definition. Progresively i will add even more shadow, if it is necesary in every lighting phase, having a wel compensed result.

I highlight the skin progresively, adding Sky Blue until i get a 2/2 proportion.

In the next process i continue adding Sky Blue but i add to to every higliht a bit of Nacar from Scale.

When i get the point that adding more Sky Blue do not mean to have lighter lights is when i use only to add Nacar for the highlights on the mix.

I add some light dots in the most above parts with pure Nacar.

In that step i’ve done several small things. The eyes are painted in Black from Golden without any kind of pupil, as the classical aliens. To end them i do a small dots with wite to simulate the reflexesPara terminarlos doy unos pequeños puntos con blanco puro. the nipples and lips are painted in Hawk Turquoise and higlighted with Nacar. As last step in the skin i give some tones with diluted Flat Red in the same area that i do on a normal skin on a figure.

The next week i will finish the explanation, with the last step of how i finished the figure.