After a non stop week due the launching of our N. A. W Magazine nº1 (you could purchase it in our shop, individually or in a pack) all its returning to the normality, both in lives of N. A. W. members as here on the blog. Today, i know it is tuesday, we will continue with the step by step of the figure Greater God Resting Sniper from Wargame Exclusives brand. You could se the unboxing here: Wargame Exclusives unboxing 1: the first part of the sbs in the next link: Step by step Wargames Exclusives part 1 and the second on: Step by step Wargames Exclusives part 2.

In that entry i’m going to finish the base ground and i will let all ready to show next week how i painted the figure itself. For that i used again colors from Scale colors, Vallejo, Golden Acrylics and Life Colors ranges.

The stones are painted with London Grey and a speck of Ardennes Green, that mix is aplied doing dots on the black primming with the paint a bit diluted. After that i add Nacar for the lights.

For the wire you could see on the drone i began with a base of Orange Brown which is highlighted, again, with Nacar.

I do some black stripes on the wire an i highlighted them with London Grey plus white.

The scheme whith which i’ve painted the gems we could see on the helmet and on the rear part of the drone, is the tipical GW’s, the most recognizable and effective way. On the black primming i do a half moon with 3/4 painted with Deep Red. Afeter that i paint the half of that moon with Antares Red. To dinish i do some light spots ading Ice Yellow.

All gems need a shine with white, it is what gives lives and a glass finish. It is done in the black part.

For the sand i began giving a diluted base coat of Chocolate Brown with care that it gets into all receases. After that i highlight the sand, both doing dots on the sand or even some small dry brush with Gobi Brown. To end it, i do another highlight, even more slightly, on some sand graines adding Nacar on the last color.

And finally i attatch the figure on the base, due it is difficult to handle. Of course primmed in black.

On next week we will se the girl’s skin, that will be blue…