When i was painting the box art of the Carnevale’s figures i did several step by step. One was which i show you some days ago here, and two for the Game Forces spanish magazine, in which i teach how i painted the white collar thief and the Morgraur Rashar. There has been another that never have been published, i prepared it as extra material for the Kickstarter campaign but finally there was not place for it. Then i revised it all and share it with all of you. As the tittle say it is the step by step of the inquisitor’s skin from the Vatican faction, a great model sculpted by Angel Terol in 28mm.

Since i saw the ilustration in which the figure is based and lately a conversation with David Esbrí about it’s kind, i had known that the work of the skin could be so interesting, and, i’ve done that tutorial to show you how o paint that part of this character.

The first we have is the concept:

In it we could see that he has a pale skin tone, it may be caused by the blood losing of his stigmas. When a person is pale, what happens is that the blood presure dropps and the blush almost desappears. Then the skin is yellowish and white.

Aclaration: I’ve used several paint brands, between brakets you will find the initials of the brands and the reference number. Lets see:

VMC: Vallejo Model Color

SC: Scale Colours

CCA: Citadel Colours Antiguos

ACI: Andrea Colours Inks (I’ve used that but you could use from Vallejo Game Colour and/or from Scale Colours)

For all that i’ve explained i beggin with a base coat of Sunny Skin Tone (VMC 845). I’ve spotted some deep zones of the clothes with Black Leather (SC 32).

Now with the Black Leater i’ve painted the eyes and the inside mouth.

With Deck Tan (VMC 986) I paint the ocular globes, i do that with this colour because if you use white the color yo get is so irreal.

The next I do is to put the irises, for that with Ultramarines Blue (CCA 61-33) I make two dots in the center of the globe to help me i align them with the edges of the lips to get a good and centered sight.

I add a dot with Ice Blue (CCA 61-36) in the bottom part of the iris as a light.

To end the eyes i add a small dot of Spacewolves Grey (CCA 61-49) as a reflection.

I beggan to highlight the skin, for that i use Ivory (VMC 918) that colour is a not pure white which has a lot of yellow and only a bit of red that matches perfectly with what wee look after for this skin. I do not aply it pure, i mix it with the base coat.

I do another highlight adding more Ivory to the base of Sunny Skin Tone.

To compensate a bit and looking for an equilibrated work of lights and shadows i do a first shadow adding Black Leather to the base.

I add a bit more Ivory to the lights mix.

I do the light spots with pure Ivory to the more upper and prominent zones of the face.

I give a bit more power to the shadows in the bottom an deeper zones of the face

Using the tones we already have in the palette i blend all that is coarse, for that with the brush stoke i “break” the edges of the diferent lights and shadows progression helping me with intermediate tones.

I paint the lips, for that i add Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC 814) to the base colour.

I paint a light on the lip adding Sunny Skin Tone to the previous mix. I painted the hair with Flat Black (SC 00) wth that i enframe the face properly. I paint the eyebrows fith a thight line just in the supercilliar arch and foreheath edge

Highlith the hair lock by lock anding Old Rose (VMC 944) to the black. I’ve retouche a bit of black that i’ve painted in the forehead.

With the hair painted i see that the transitions are not smoth yet then i blend them a bit more. All than with the colours which are already on the palette

I’ve redone the maximum highlights and shadows because they have almost disappeared in the last step.

Now to give more strenght and deeper sight i painted dark circles on the eyes, for that i do several glaces of Violet (SC 56) mixed with black i do several strokes i stope when the effect is what i look for.

And here you have the model finished, i have to say taht both sculpture and concept has teeth, then, i’ve painted that with a lot of care with Deck Tan.

As you could see i’ve added blood too, for that i mix in different proportions Black, Red, an Brown inks (ACI) all mixed with Ceramic Barnish.

Hope that will be useful and interesting my aproximation to an unusual skintone.

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”