Today we bring you an step by step our member Rosman made for his old blog. It was done several years ago but is still interesting to inspire you for your projects.

Paint brands

Scale Colours: SC            Life Colours: LC            Andrea Colours: AC

For my friend Ekait’s dwarf i thought in placing him in a old pub which has a wood floor. With a few plasticard strips the boards were done, cutting them in different sizes, setting the begginings next to others and letting them go out of the base.

I prime with a basecoat of Flat Black (LC) and then, all it’s ready to begin:

Now the inspirative moment comes, i had a clear idea that the wook will be oak, then a fast search in Google and i found that picture:

As could be seen, there are three predominant coñlours in the composition: a lighter one, a yellowish and a darker last. Then the boards will be represented in a first approach with three different colouts: Rainy Gray (SC-60), Sahara Yellow (SC-11) and Walnut (SC-29). I do a more or less aleatory distribution of them and a double process has been done searching from the beggining the wood grain effect. On every strip i give a first subtle coat, only searching to gain a basic coloration, after that, i beggin to represent the wood grain, knothole… That has been done drawing, trying to achive a realistic finish, copying what we could see in the image.

Then i do a lighting colour, made by a mix of Tenere Yellow (SC-10) and White (SC-01). With that last i do a first light of the three main colour variations used before in the ground. With a lot of care to represent the wood grain, highlighting and outlining the boards which are more exposed to the main view.

I repeat the process, taking care about following the same premises with a lighter version of the color. I finish the step with an outlined of every strip exposed with pure lightning colour.

Now i beagin to unficate the aspect of the base, for that purpose i do a general glaze of Brown Ink (AC).

I notice that when you pour water on the brown ink, turns into an orange tone, and as i don’t search that finish i add a little amount (belive me, only a little because it is so intense) of Green Ink (AC) and several glaces are done on the surface, loking for not deleting the texture. I use that to enhance the darker parts of the wood grain and giving a little shadow to the base and its elements.

Ather that i take the Black Ink (AC) and give with it more strenght to the shadows, the darker parts of the boards and outline every strip in shadow. I outline with the light colour the exposed woods and enhance the texture of the wood whith little dots here and there, thats why with the unification and shadowning proces, the light of the grain could disappear a little

And here you have the final result once i paint the jar and the shed Beer:

I hope you find this interesting and useful for you minitures!