It’s lawful to tag artist by their kind, as in a supermarket as as they are tomatoes or preserves cans? It is for to tag Sorayama as an erotic ilustrator?

Hajime Sorayama is an uncommon japanese ilustrator who began as profesional on 1972 and he is now 70 years old, in that large career has been tag as erotical ilustrator and airbrusher. For his fans, i am one, he is simply the master of the metal reproduction without metalic pigment and one of the best texture and material painters with a great control on plastics, leathers…

Sorayama, has also worked for George Lucas and has done an illustration book one after another, the best known is Sexy Robot, in which he combines is love for pin ups and robots.

And for your information he uses airbrush only a bit or less than that.

Alexis Calvo.