We begin this week focused in Wargames Exclusive brand talking a bit about ir, althought the week has begun on tuesday.

I discovered that producer some more than a year before thanks to my mate Alexis who, for a client army,he painted by comission for some time figures from this brand, When we began that venture it was clear that this brand was going to be contacted to see if we could collaborate all together, and it was a success with some unboxing and the step by step of the Greater God Resting Sniper miniature that you could find here in the blog and in the Compendium vol. 1. Now we are going to begin another collaboration and what better to dedicate a week almost entirely for them.

Wargames Exclusives is focused in producing miniature, vehicles and complement in a futuristic/sci-fi look proxies for other game sistems, it is based mainly in one well known brand, but we coul see references from cinema, videogames, books… The quality of the miniatures is assured, having nothing to envy to better known producers.

The sculptures are done in digital 3D by Grim Skull Miniatures who are getting better figure after figure, highering their level and getting astonishing models. The figure is ever acompanied by an scenographic base especially done for the figure, having in mind the normal size of them in the most common game systems.

The casting of the figures is done very good quality resin, this does that the flawless and crisp details could be perfectly reproduced and the models are low weighted and resistant, due there are not heavy parts that difficult a lot the assembling process and their use on game fields. There are almost any bubbles and the mould lines are only a thin line and/or flash (a thin portion that is created in the union of the two halves of the mould). The atatchments are so precise assuring a perfect assembly and so easy. What we only find that is a bit difficult are the resin entries, but, being the miniature in resin they are so easy to remove.

With that brief introduction to the brand we let you here two of their next news that are soon to be for sell:

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”