As we told you in our last entry we wre going to give an award in the El Soldat de Plom 2017. The contest was held on the wonderful catalan city of Girona on the 27th, 28th and 29th of october.

The award as you may saw in the last entry was a “Dog Tag” kind of medal, engraved for the event and a number up to the winner’s chose that you could find on our shop.

If you are curious of what we focus to give the award it is not only qualitative, that is a subjective topic, that could made that we don’t give an award well prized on the contest, but it could happen. When we talk about quality, we are not refering to the technique, correctness or anything else in concrete, but a mix of all. We search pieces that create an special feeling without closing to any topic or size.

The other chance we gave an award was on the AMT Torrent 2017 that was for the great Javier Montero‘s work, to whom we dedicate some pages as gallery and an interview in the N. A. W. Magazine number 1.

In that occasion the award had been for the great Bruno Lavalle in the categori Master Fantasy painting category. His work has ever talk for himself and the quality of his miniatures is ever outstanding, counting with several Best of Show in girona, other contests and uncontable medals. This year his fantasy display for which we gave the mentioned award, was composed for several works wit so many topics and sizes, making it so complete and showing his enormous aptitudes in whichever character he wants to represent.

Hope we could assist and give special awards in a lot of contests from everywhere!