Some years ago in the already far nineties of the past century. I was at Angulemacomic fair, i get in the bus retouring to the hostel and i stare the treasure i bought for some francs, It was an incredible work by one ilustrator unknown for me, full of strenght and with incredible drawings. I just  bought the first Slaine tome by Simon Bisley, an incredible edition in hard cover and good quality paper where that wonderful strukes shine in all its barbaric awesomeness, because it was, a barbarian themed comic, but it was not similar to anything i saw until then. As it was Corben, in some pages, bisley surprises you with an experimental, maybe a simplier drawing or a pencil sketch… a first level visual awesomeness that i checked that was bought by some more people.

But, what bisley has? The word is strenght, a primigenial strenght similar as Frazetta’s but, in his case, raw and without domesticate, his anatomies are agresive and so dominant that made that you do not see the background, they normally are not so elaborated but fullfil their function.

Slaine was preceded by the ABC Warriors after come Lobo, Batman, Juez Dredd… and all them were “Bisleyized”. Differently that so many cover ilustrators, bisleys work is so extense.

Some years ago he did a Bible that revolutioned the adaptation concept, showing that his style could fit in any topic.

Alexis Calvo