A year ago i painted the Seraph figure from the Infinity brand and i’ve done a step by step. Initially was done for another publication but finally thanks to Javier Molina has been part of this publication from Hobbyworld publishing.

The book is now on presale and it will be official on sale on 15th may both in english and spanish. For the 50 first purchases an exclusive t-shirt will be gift for free, only in XL size.

In the article i explain carefully how i painted this figure totally on diferent colours non metalic metal. I let you a gallery here with several pictures:

I let you a video too:

You can reserve the magazine here: http://www.hobbyworld-e.com/HOBBYWORLD/SCIFISCALE.html

Do not forgot to visit the Hobbyworld portal to see all their publications and complements: http://www.hobbyworld-e.com/HWINICIO/HOBBYWORLD.html

Joan Carles Ros Magán