Every thing has going to be more fun if it has been drawed by Sam Kieth, that super talented inker, who get his popularity inking Sandman, hide an own style, unique, particular…

Some say that mr Kieth is like a mix of Tex Avery and Frazetta, he has a style that fits in a realistic but in a unsuspected moment, could change and transform in a Warner’s cartoon. His characters are exuberant, he controls a so real anatomy as no one else, but filtered in a fun distortioned mirror. They could be cartoony or big and hairy, all in the same ilustration, comic or which ever it is and what is more astonishing is that they fit perfectly all together. The most fun thing is when Sam takes your favourite character and it is reinterpreted in his own and particular style.

As anecdote Sam Keith and David Feiss are cousins, that last is the creator of Cow and Chicken… The family meetings have to be incredible.

Alexis Calvo