• Some days ago Fer Miniatures show up its next news and one of them is the new reference for the brand directed by Pepa Saavedra, Women. In the N.A.W. Magazine number 1 we will have a deep interview with Pepa Saavedra, in which she will tell us her begginings, her materials, her own way to work… an so other things that for sure will be so interesting for you. And here, more than that brief glimpse, i let you the figure which i have spoken before. The reference is Rosie, sculpted by Ramón Martinez and painted by Pepa herself, It depicts a woman who works on a mechanical workshop in the fifties. But further than that, Rosie represents an icon even more than a concret person. She represents to all women that in the WWII and the years after this war, had to let their homes to cover the work places uncovered by the men who were fighting at the war. Thanks to that great women the industries could continue running. “Rosies” were an icon of the female power up, lot of them were mothers then, and that represents to all worker women that made a great effort and work at home and out of it. At war times and in peace times:

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