We usually show the new Renata Jansen‘s creations in our Facebook page and/or group, today is necessary show it here, because al the perfection levels are being supered. We have already done a blog entry and was, as it could not be in another way, the interviewed artist in N.A.W. Magazine Nº0.

Renata introduces us her new creation, Rebecca, where she reunited tre of her common treats that we could see in her One Of A Kind dolls (OOAK): ballet, jeans and tatoos. The combination is truly awesome.

As you see the figure is simply amazing, there is a thing that, for N.A.W. team brings the figure to a next level and it is a homaje to Alphonse Maria Mucha, character that we have done a friday entry that are reserved to ilustration, comic and painting figures. In the tatoo we could see a clear reference to the mentioned artist.

I let you a gallery with details of the figure.

Whithout any doubt, day after day, anyone has lo loof for theos OOAK artist!