Pack N. A. W. Magazine number 0 and 1 (ENG)

//Pack N. A. W. Magazine number 0 and 1 (ENG)

Pack N. A. W. Magazine number 0 and 1 (ENG)

5.00 3.50 imp. inc.

In that pack you will find both N. A. W. publications.

With that you will have four step by step articles, about painting and sculpting (Voodoo Time, The Miracle, Oliphaunts Beast of War and Uther Lord Guardian). Four interviews (Renata Jansen, José Ríos, Pepa Saavedra and Javier Montero). Biopics of the greatest artists, opinion articles… and more, a lot more. Don’t miss them!


Product Description

Summario N. A. W. Magazine number Zero:

1.- Cover

3.- Intro/Summary

4.- Interview: Renata Jansen

14.- Step by step: Voodoo Time

42.- Report: Mecha Adicted

50.- Interview: Akihito Ikeda

60.- Report: 25/28/32

72.- Dossier: The Miracle


-Open Box

-Step by step

-Der Jäger

96.- Credits

100.- Back Cover Renata Jansen

Summary N. A. W. Magazine number 1:

01.- Cover

04.- Interview: Pepa Saavedra

20.- Step by step: Oliphaunts, beasts of war

30.- Report: Nirasawa and Takeya, Creature Core

40.- Masters: Bernie Wrightson

49.- Masterworks: Silver Moth

50.- Interview: Javier Montero

57.- Gallery: Roboute primarch of the Ultramarines

58.- Open Box: Spira Mirabilis, Elf Rider

64.- Step by step: Uther, Lord guardian

93.- Credits

94.- Back cover

*The download is limited to 5 for every purchase.

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