N. A. W. Magazine Nº2 (ENG)

//N. A. W. Magazine Nº2 (ENG)

N. A. W. Magazine Nº2 (ENG)

2.50 imp. inc.

In that number 2 the magazine grows, some other topics are touched and more artists are getting into our venture.

We have two step by steps, a version of the character played by Tom Hardy on Mad Max Fury Road painted by the italian artist, Davide Decina and the first flat figure by our member Joan Carles Ros (Rosman), a gladuator duel, hoplomachus vs secutor.

We interviewed three artist with so different specialities, in OOAK we have the great Nicole West, in sculpture we have the talent of Kostas Krasonis and our first tatoo artist and ilustrator, whom work serves to ilustrate our cover, Lucas Vareta, a great brazilian artist.

We inagurate the Chatting with section, where in a interview way but less formal we talk with the master Erick Sosa, who with a great spontaniety and a nice sense of humor tells us which are his main moments of his career.

We analize the work of Satoshi Kon y Frank Frazetta, two masters that left us some time ago but whom work make them immortals.

Hope that content make you enjoy so much!


Product Description


01.- Cover – Lucas Vareta

02.- Stan Lee – Lucas Vareta

03.- Summary

04.- OOAK – Interview – Nicole West

14.- Masters – Satoshi Kon

20.- Chatting with – Erick Sosa

26.- Step by step – Mad Max Fury Road

38.- Masters – Frank Frazetta

50.- Interview – Kostas Krasonis

60.- Interview – Lucas Vareta

70.- Hoplomachus vs Provocator

100.- Credits

102.- Atlantis – Frank Frazetta

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