The people who know me are aware than one thing i ever loved have been the giant prehistoric lizards and yesterday began a so interesting campaign. It has been called Prey Collection and in it are being offered several busts, for now only in their predators range, but we could also see depicte some other kinds of this awesome extinct animals. All has been sculpted in 3D digital by Alexander Belov following the last paleontological hypothesys and discovers done.

Campaign link:

All that busts are presented as hunting trophies with a base in which the bust could be exposed, that last is usually composed on two parts, the head and the lower jaw. The head has a magnet beign a nice (or awesome) decoration for your fridge or any other metal surface. All buts have been done in 1/20th scale, which is a good size to be representated not beign too big or too small. The material what they decided to do is resin then we will have a perfect representation and cast of the teeth, spikes or scales.

Both original impression and casting have been done by a professional jewelery workshop.

We could find 7 pledge level, but they could be summarized in 3, because the only change is the bust you chose as the main, then we see:

1$ or more: In that they thank you your colaboration and may give access to a post campaign backerkit.

30$ or more: Here we find 5 levels for the same amount but in which changes the animal, we could see several specimens: T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Carnotaurus or Lithronax. That will be delivered as they have planned, in july 2017 the sending fees are included to all the world.

150$ or more: This is the complete set with whole 5 references. They will be delivered if all go as planned, in july 2017 the sending fees are free to all over the world.

Maybe a bit price lower on the pack could be expected and made it even more interesting. It is not told if you could add some add-ons but it could be understand that ading the cost of  of a bust (30$) we could add some more busts.

It is missed several stretch goals but, as they say, they wanted to get the initial inversion to begin their brand.

To end a so interesting proposal for this creatures lovers. Who has not been fascinated by the as a child? they are not expensive in my opinion and they are very well done. Frome here we wish them so many success and do more things for their brand.

Visit their campaign here: 

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”