Dreams cold be drawn, magic could be drawn, in that section we have seen a lot of ilustrators who drew diabolic or nightmarish creatures, but today we are going to show a bit of light in so many darkness.

P. Craig Rusell were famoust to be the first great comic ilustrator to declare himself gay in public. After this brief autobiographic note that doesn’t suprise anyone bacause Rusell’s signature is his audacity and, an almost imposible to catch, artistic risk.

Rusell has a light and detailed style, he es elegant and with a good brush control too. He is inspired by Mucha and other modernist ilustrators, but, as we said before, with his own style; he controls the magic, the spells, the mistic creatures, dimensional portals… Abstract things that to another artist will be so difficuls to manage its representations, but under his ink and brush become plausible and realistic.

No one is foreign that his best known works are the comic adaptation of Elric de Melnibone and several Marvel comics, as Thor or Dr. Strange.

Alexis Calvo