In the last comic entry we spoke about the master argentinian artist Juan Gimenez. Well then, in that occasion we will not change the country, today we have an artist that, in the first sight, has so many resemblances with Gimenez.

Oscar Chichoni is the example of an self learning artist, ilustrator and cinema concept designer, born 59 years ago in Pampa Humeda and lives now in London. Chichoni is an effectist and efective as ilustrator, his covers are distinguishable to be so recognizable and sometimes combines delicate human skin surfaces with extreme metallic look textures or corrosion. His rusts, his copers and so many other master painted metals turns him into the perfect ilustrator for armours, machinery or robots. For example, his last participation into a film has been in Pacific Rim, which, whithout any doubt is the real action film in which they semm to be more heavy and plausible.

Alexis Calvo