For several days, i’ve been talking to the Ink & Brush Miniatures guys with Daniel Rivas as contact, to do a painting seminar in Madrid and, now, it is a real thing.

Whe have looked for something new in painting seminars, bacause almost all is done and we do not wanted another course speaking about the same. Then we have focused it to painting fantasy figures with oil paints. A media a bit unknown in general modelling and specially on fantasy/sci-fi, due an acrylic painting sistem is what have been taught ever.

The course will last for about 16h divided between saturday 11 and sunday 12 of november with a cost of 150€ figure included.

The theme will be:

-Oil painting techniques

-Face and skin

-Textures and NMM

But i will answer and explain all what will be needed or assistans require.

I will try that all the assistants have an archive with explanations about the technique, some knowledges and the way to paint, i hope that it will be so complete, but all depens of what i could do until the course. But for sure there will be a document.

The figure chosen is Redghar from Big Child Creatives for their range Black Sailors, the motivation to chose it, even it is an awesome figure, is its cutting, volumes and size, allowing all the explanations to paint with oils.

The seminar will be held in C. C. San Isidro, Calle Leoncio Rojas, 18, 28901 Getafe, Madrid.

I hope to see you there with curiosity for that medium that, not for a random reason, becamed the star of the painting in fron of the clasical egg paints and gouache.

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”