Some days ago we presented which was going to be the next Alexandros new, the Draconarius bust masterly sculpted by Adriano Laruccia, You couls see the entry here: Draconarius Alexandros Models.

Well, the figure has been already launched to the market officially, we could seen it and enjoy the painting work. As ever Alexandre Cortina’s work is simply awesome, with his technique using oils get a so characterful on the figure, not giving all the importance on contrast focusing in representing the materials and situations. That things are which, personally, astonish me. Bacause the painters, and even more concrete, who come from fantasy (as me), we used to focus in the light and shadows work, considering a good figure which has correctly represented that two parameters. Forgetting the represemtation of materials, textures, expression… That comment is not general, is something that happens to me, and i supose to more painters.

After that brief introduction and personal opinion i let you a gallery were you could see so many figure views:

I put a gallery of the other new presented by the brand, Rusian Cuirassier, an sculpture by the russian master Yuri Serebriakov and again painted by Alexandre Cortina.

We are waiting for the next news!

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”