Today, finally, we have launched into the market our N. A. W. Magazine nº 1. We have repeated the formula that liked so much to our readers in our presentation number, the zero.

In that issue we are still happy because we have continued wit the external collaborations with great artists, then we have Pepa Saavedra and Javier Montero in two interviews and the argentinian sculptor Guillermo Centeno with an article where he shows how he did three Mumakils (Oliphaunts) of the well known films saga The Lord of the Rings.

We too have beggined with biopics of stablished artists, that, sadly, some of them has left us. You could see the works of Niraswa and Takeya (it is imposible to split up that two great japanese artists) and the master Bernie Wrightson, revising also “The Studio”, the group that he creates with Barry W. Smith, M. Kaluta y J. Jones. Both articles has been writen by our member Alexis Calvo.

Our member Joan Carles Ros “Rosman” introduces us another titanical step by step, in the number zero all we saw how he painted the Papa Jambo’s bust from Black Sailors. In that we will see how he paints the wonderful Uther bust from Black Crow. More than 20 pages with 79 pictures in which are showed how he painted the face with an Cuong Nguyen style; and how he painted the non metalic metal in a bigger scale figure than in which he is used to.

But that is not all, there are more things in our magazine. to get it you could visit our shop, and buy it individually or in a good priced pack with the presentation number.

Hope you enjoy it!