Dave Mckean and George Pratt, are two comic drawer that maybe are not known by everyone, but in their own way, changed so many stablished things with their works.

George Pratt Dave Mckean

Usually all comics have, there are some exceptions, a painted cover and the interior colored with mechanic media, it could be done with painted comics, or more common nowadays, digital separations. Whole that covers are could be said as conventional and only a few percent are experimental. That two professionals go a bit more further, not only their covers were experimental, the interior of the volumes were painted in an unconventional way too. Curiously, the stories and scripts were not in the standard and that were so eyecatching, especially when Mckean published his Arkham Asylum. That comics has been reedited in thousand formats even more luxurious than the others, but more important that that, it broke the invisible barriers between contemporary art and comic, and its pages, are both fascinating and dark, where every reflection, blood drop or shadow are a spectacle.

Pratt, as Mckean, is a talented painter, and luckily i’ve had the pleasure to see him paint un pintor sobresaliente y, por suerte para mi, he tenido el placer de verle pintar. His most known work is Enemy Ace War Idyll. Unlike Mckean, Pratt is bright and sensitive, but there is something they have in common, the way they face the comic as it were a big altarpiece or canvas, but focusing their atention in showing the emothions intead of the detail.

Alexis Calvo