Some time ago i get a copy of this bust that catched my atention due it was based in the disapeared game Confrontation done by Rackham. The figure is based in the Kelzaral the diabolical from de Mid-Nor dwarves.

Another thing that surprized me is that this is one of the first sculptures by Fran Bushi, someone that has not a known trajectory in sculpting models, and he has managed to get a so good figure to had in everyone collection.

Fran’s “Wip” next to the inspiration. Finished sculpture.


Sculptor: Fran Bushi

Material: Resin

Parts: 3

Saze: 65mm to the head, 90mm to the top part of the horns.

Price: 18€ plus shiping.

At home you get that cardboard box with the shiping data on it. When you remove them, yo discover an image with the shape of the bust.

When you open the box you see a small letter in which Fran thanks for buying the bust and a sticker of the Canary team modelling group.

Once we retire the foam and other protections we see the main part of the bust and a zip bag with both horns.

Here we see the main part of the bust, the copy is smooth, without grains of the sculpture (here we could see the care of the sculptor). There are almost any mold line and no one bubble. The only thing i don’t like at all is the beard, at this size it seams to be composed by wool threats than hairs. In bust of that size is usual to see a so detailled sculpting work or more worked as general volumes, with more importance to the locks. That, is easily fixable with a bit of putty and sculpting, the general shape of the beard is good.

The horns are very well sculpted and the cutting is clean, ataching perfectly to the sockets on the head, and as they have this fluted texture only a bit of filler is needed to seal the joint.

Here you could see the bust mounted with blue tack, it has not any complication. I’ve just noticed that i atatched the horns wrong… but you could see the effect and size of the bust.

To end, a so good bust, with the only strange beard, but it will be great for all who enjoyed a lot the Confrontation miniatures. And we will follow Fran’s next works because he will do so many good things in the future for sure!