For centuries, the most represented topics by the greatest painter, except in some strange ocassions, were based on religion, portraits of the people who could pay for them and mithology.

In the XIX century a new art movement appeared, it was fascinated for the asian and oriental topics, then, as it could not be in another way, itr was called orientalism.

In that movement, there was a technicaly perfect french painter, called Jean-Léon Gérôme. Until you see a picture painted by him, the term technicaly perfect don’t get sense at all, i mean, for sure, to see one of his works “in flesh” not searching images on Google. He has a clean style that is almost magic, an unseen liveness and you have the feeling that this paint was ever on the canvas, without human interference.

The Gérôme topics are, as is normal, so beautiful and colourful oriental images and classical historical scenes, as the thousand times reproduced, Pollice Verso.

Alexis Calvo