Giorgos Tsougkouzidis as figure range, send us several time ago the Infected Zombie bust, and today we bring the review of the figure:


Name: Infected Zombie ver II

Size: 11cm

Scale: ±1/10

Sculptor: Giorgos Tsougkouzidis

The bust is composed by two parts, the whole zombie body and its large thongue:

The four views of the zombie
Exposed brain detail Giorgos’ signature on the bottom

We are in front of a very well done bust, a good sculpture and a great casting. It is not “nice to see”, as you may understand, it is not a handsome guy… But when you buy a zombie that is the last thing you search for… You will have several different surfaces to paint and represent with textures and effects, in them, the painter will try things that could not be done in a normal figure. A good purchase if you love the zombie-gore topic.

I show you the work in progress version done by our member Alexis Calvo, it needs some more work, but the rotten effect could be seen.