Today we retake that section of the blog with a new entry about the planing about our characters. You could see the first entry on How to develope a concept part 1.

We are going to focus on the dwarf character:

As we did with the character itself searching in several sources, iconographical, references, other works… For the equipment, weapons and complements we do the same. Again, we are very lucky to have an enourmous amount of images and texts where are perfectly described the archetipic imaginery of that race. We could see that they enjoy decorating profusely any surface with engravings, emboseds and reliefs; for whole that they are well known as miners but also for their qualities as craftmen, as jewelleries, stone carving, metallurgy… All that has to be represented in any way on the design that could end as an ilustration, sculpture, film or videogame character… then i show you an example of a gun and a smoking pipe :

In the next entry i will show you the dwarf completly defined counting with all the parameters we have seen and could go though other character and its features.

Alexis Calvo