As all in this life, design a character could be a hard work. I wanted to share some simple steps to develope a conncept or a way that without so much complication to begin.

With that first tutorial we will obviate the White Page feeling, because we will do our own design of something well known.

I will work with the MB Heroquest as a base, the adventurers to be more concrete: the barbarian, the elf, the mage, and the dwarf of course.

Now, we are going to try to search in our visual culture, all that hundreds of dwarfes, barbarians, elfs and mages seen in comics, films, Dungeons and Dragons covers or Warhammer miniatures. We will take a white paper on which we will put, without consulting any where, whole that imaginery that has been shaped by all that huge amount of images seen in years. Having in mind that, every character has to represent the fantastic race , being identificable at the first sight.

That execise could be so much difficult if we choose, for example, to represent chess figures of greek and nordic gods.

Sketches and text by Alexis Calvo