Come with us, we are gonna walk the new Art ways, which has ever existed, being open waing for an intrepid adventurer carried with a paint brush or any other tool walks on it, with honesty and audacity. That are the ways wich brings out of the market and the odd “status quo”.

That ways are the amusments of the egyptian stonecutters, the murderer rabbits of the medieval manuscripts… they are the ways which crosses diferent artists from different disciplines which creates a powerful iconography, an alive work, vibrant, destined to endure.

And, naturally, that are the ways which turns on pure Art activities which are considered as amusements or hobbies.



Oil seminar in Madrid, 11-12 of November

For several days, i've been talking to the Ink & Brush Miniatures guys with Daniel Rivas as contact, to do a painting seminar in Madrid and, now, it is a real thing. Whe have looked [...]

Wargame Exclusives unboxing, the light in the darkness

The other day we brought you the representation of the supreme chaos in figure shape for the Wargame Exclusive unboxing, today we bring you the totally oposed, the supreme god with her angel wings and her saint [...]

Unboxing Wargame Exclusive, from the dark Chaos

In that week dedicated to Wargame Exclusive we bring you the unboxing of one of our last news, it is the Chaos Master of Crusade figure, again a proxy of one of the best known games versioning a [...]

Some words about Wargame Exclusive

We begin this week focused in Wargames Exclusive brand talking a bit about ir, althought the week has begun on tuesday. I discovered that producer some more than a year before thanks to my mate Alexis [...]

Simon Bisley

Some years ago in the already far nineties of the past century. I was at Angulemacomic fair, i get in the bus retouring to the hostel and i stare the treasure i bought for some [...]


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