Hiden in this initials is one of the very first artist that used the airbrush to achieve a next level. Hans Rudolph Giger was a truly master of this technique and maybe the author  of all times disturbing art works.

What only a few people knows, is that a person who was born in a not propitious place, could get the top of Art and conceptual design for films.

H R Giger born in a lost town in Switzerland, he was a pharmacist son, he friended Salvador Dalí and Alejandro Jodorosky nació en un perdido y desconocido pueblo de Suiza y era hijo de un farmacéutico, trabó amistad con Salvador Dali y con Alejandro Jorodosky. That made to get into the fail Dune project, it did not finish well, but his success arrived with the ALIEN film. There he created with Carlo Rimbaldi’s help one of the most popular xenomorphs of whole time.

At the same time of his work in cinema, Giger, continued painting and, from his imagination, came astonishing nightmarish paintings and so many sculptures.

Alexis Calvo