On last week i began what is going to be an article serie with the guidance of Ruben Canals (you could see it here). Todai i’m going to introduce you the unboxing of Harald from Heroes & Villains.

Figure information:

Name: Harald

Sculptor: Lucas Pina

Painter: Marc Masclans

Size: 1/12

Number of parts: 4

Material: Resina

Price: 33€

Now i analice the figure and its parts:

Tipical white box with the logos and brand information, it has atatched a sticker with the box art made by Marc Masclans.

Box opened, we could see that the figure come well protected between foams and the small part is in a zip bag.

Principal part of the bust.

Here you could see a bit difficult mould line, that things annpoy a bit, but they are easily deleted with the help of a blade, that are the good things of resin, you could fix and it seems that here never happened nothing.

On the shield, if you look, you could see a small white dots, that are a so small mould pieces that are ripped off when the figure is taken of the mould.

Hand wih axe.

Open hand, the sculpture by Lucas Pina is simply wonderful on this part.

We are in front of a very good piece, the sculpture is simply wonderful. The resin has a very good quality with a shiny polished finish, not greasy. The only bad thing is that there are some pronounced mould lines (at least on my copy) and the biggest one on the arm. It is normal on figures with a lot of receases, we could find several small mould pieces ripped off the mould or the small protuberances that this causes in the next copies. The atatches are very well done and, if you asure it with pins it will never desatatch. It is a kit to have in mind and, it is true but all this are easily fixable with a xacto blade, with a perfect result.