Several days ago, I was chating with my friend Ruben Canals and we both decided to do a serial of articles. The basic concept is that we are gonna paint the same figure, progressing together until we finish it. But it will be so more complex and richier, i will be guiding him, helping, growing his concepts…  And yes saying him the truth and correcting every time it may be necessary, but in a positive way and teaching him why… from all that, we will do the articles. That, as it is obvious, will need time: needing several entries, with an undetermined time, amount and periodicity.

The figure we chose for that is Harald from Heroes & Villains (, a wonderful bust sculpted by Lucas Pina in 1/12th scale.

A perfect model that, also is a wonderful miniature to add to any modeller collection, has so many things to adapt to that challenge, it has a very good size, being not so big; lot of materials to represent, and an incredible range to painting options, all that made it perfect.

Then, soon, we will start the first steps when anyone begins a figure: unboxing of the pieces, preparation, planing, cromatical study, primming…to reach the most creative phases and finish with the valoration of the experience.

The experience begins!