That last saturday was held in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) the Frikijocs event, organized by Fundació Marianao and Vente Pa’Ka (VPK).

Lot of people came to the event to enjoy all the activities there were: a soft combat sword creation workshop, life rol, Magic tounament… A very enjoyable event that we hope it will grow year after year.

In that second edition they invited me again to do a wargame painting workshop (it finally became to a painting masterclass). The class began at 18:30 and i was painting nonstop untill 22, in that time i explained curiosities, treacks, materials, ways to do several things…

I had time to paint entirely the figure i chose for that occasion, it was a monk from Tiny Tales Studio range that, in my opinion, was perfect because it is quite simple but had a wide range of materials and surfaces to explain and solve all the doubts of the attenders.

Personally i’m so happy of how the class resulted, with so much “fix” people and several going and coming. The assistants were focused in my explanations, asking and comenting their doubts and what i was doing respectively,

Here you have see a video where you could see me briefly in action and a 360º turnaround of the figure i painted in the demostration:

I’m anxious  about the next edition, in which if i would give some propousals to make it grow in the modelling area. See you in the next!

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”