In september of the past year was held in  Rivas Vaciamadrid in the Freak Wars event, where could be found wargame competition, figure selling and a miniature painting competition the Fallen Angel Miniature Contest. That year will be done again in the same place, the polideportivo Cerro del Telégrafo in the mentioned town on the 16th and 17th of september in that year.

In the event could be found tournaments, conferences and presentation of the last news by several brands, a cosplay contest and many more activities.

They have done a promotional miniature for the event with the colaboration of Hungry Troll and Barruz Studio which could serve, due all its posibilities, for almost any game system la cual puede servir, gracias a sus múltiples opciones de montaje, para casi cualquier sistema de juego.

Here you could see the pavilion distribution, with the game area, all shops, painting contest and other activities. Also the vendors, several brands and enterprises as Tiny Leads, Feldherr, Goblintrader, Green Stuff World… will run some areas in the event or giving material for raffles, contests or even special awards.

And here it goes the main thing for us, the miniature painting contest. The name is a clear reference of a sculpture, unique in whole the world wich could be found in the El Buen Retiro park, or simply The Retiro, of Lucifer, the fallen angel. On the past edition it was full of models and this, for shure, will be full too. Here you have the bases of the contest:

In all categories there are two subdivisions, general and master. From here we see the common on every contest. one thing i like a lot is that there is not differentiation between historical and fantasy, breaking the mind barriers thatmade one different of the other, when which is important is the making of models at scale and the minuocisity they are done.

There is a category a bit “strange” because it was not seen before, it is Duel of Angels. In it two compettors has to paint the same figure, one in a dark version and the other in light. Geting into that doesnt mean that you lost an entry for the normal categories, then with a model you can get two awards. A so new category that will allow to see nive interpretation of a same model.

The jury of that edition will be: Marc Masclans, well known painter, winner of several international awards that work in the best brands; José Luís “Porta”, so experienced painter and sculptor; and our member Joan Carles Ros “Rosman” who won the Best of Show and other awards in the last edition. For that New Art Ways Magazine will be present, you could enjoy his works that will bring to the contest as expositor, both seen and totally new and we will give an special award in the contest.

For now that is all the information we have, while we know something more as activities or any characteristics we will do a new entry.

We hope to se you all the 16th and 17th of september!